You Better Live Your Life!!!

Life has been a little hectic lately! I'm finally returning to my blog, but first, a brief journey through the past couple of months... 


I went to see a close friend get married in Santa Barbara! The day before, I went to Santa Cruise Island (from Ventura, CA). I saw dolphins and whales for the first time (in the wild), went kayaking through sea caves, snorkeling, hiking, and camping!

Then I randomly flew a plane, which was easier than I thought! It was incredible!

Another random adventure: ARCHERY! This happens to be my favorite thing I've done recently. I did not expect to have this fun!

By the way, I did all of these things using Groupon. Clearly, I'm obsessed. Spending so much time outside and trying different things has been so fulfilling! People keep asking me why am I doing all of this. I respond with another question: why not? The world is your oyster!!!! 

Someone told me "you better live your life!" I plan on doing just that. 

Till next time, y'all!


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What adventures have you been on? Any new activities I should try???