Find Your Passion

"Find your passion, invest in yourself through gaining wisdom, knowledge, and never, ever, stop learning." - J.A. Davis 

Computers were a passion of mine, so I dreamed of becoming a Computer Engineer. Then came Chemistry, I really thought I found it then; Chemical Engineering was the thing for me. Then there was Photography. Then there was Theater...

I really loved theater, but I thought it was something that you just do for fun, nothing to make a career out of. I mean, that's what I have been told my whole life, and that was something I truly believed. But oh my heart! How it longed to be on the stage ever since the lights hit my face. Not in some "diva" kind of way, but in the "this is where I belong" kind of way. 

Singing was something that always came natural to me. It was fun, and I was always doing it. In the shower, on the hour+ drives home everyday, while listening to my favorite music (which usually meant me singing in my falsetto to Destiny's Child or Christina Aguilera) , etc. Now that I look back, I had this idea that something so fun couldn't be what I ended up doing with my life. It had to have been something else. It's like I was running or hiding from the fact that singing was really the only thing I wanted to do. 

During my first musical, I was encouraged to sing. Now, I've had a few family functions where people asked me to sing, but this was different. This was encouragement from people who wanted to sing with me... for three hours... everyday. WHAT?!?!?! That was when I blossomed. That was when I started thinking that maybe this could be a career. 

10+ years later, and perhaps 1000 times more confused, singing is still at the core of my being. It is my way to communicate with the world, to maneuver through the world. Today, singing means more to me than it ever has. After everything that's happened (that's a story for another post), singing is still what I think about when I wake up and when I go to sleep. 

I thought that computers, chemistry, theater, photography, and so many other things were my passion. Hell, maybe they are, but I think the one thing I am most passionate about has been there all along, and that's singing.

Till next time y'all, 


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