"You can't look at your competition and say you're going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you're going to do it differently."  - Steve Jobs


It's not important to be better than others, it's important to be yourself. I have to remember that the only healthy competition I need to have is with myself.

How do I want to improve? What do I want to give? What do I have to offer? How do I want to be remembered? When I ask myself those questions, being better than someone else becomes irrelevant.

I have been struggling with a decision I need to make: What kind of music do I want to create? Should I try to go the Pop route? Or more experimental (things that may not get as much attention)? Is there room for both? If there is room for both, which one should I focus on now? Can experimental be Pop? What do I mean by "experimental"? What do I mean by "Pop"? The questions go on and on...

Michael Hyatt, an amazing motivational speaker and blogger, once said "I often have to say no in order to stay committed to my bigger yes." So what is my bigger yes? I believe that is the question that needs to be answered before the rest can fall into place.

What I know: I want to contribute to the world's healing with music. I want to spread love, oneness, and compassion. I want to heal, and I want those around me to heal. I believe that sound is my way of doing this.

Now, I usually don't use "healing" and "pop music" in the same sentence, but what if? There are songs on the radio that have a positive message. Why can't mine? Going back to Steve Jobs' quote, I can't look around and see what's there and try to do that, I have to stay true to myself and do me. I want to bring healing music to Pop culture. What if I brought myself to Pop culture, instead of change who I am in order to fit into Pop culture?     

"Nobody can do it like you." Who we are as individuals is something so special, so unique! You only happened once, and you are here, right now, the world is your oyster! Once you trust that, you free yourself from competition, and open up to your own internal compass. 


Till next time Y'all,


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When you think of competition, do you think of doing things differently or doing things better than?